TERRAKOTA launches new video in February and prepares for Oxalá Tour 2017

After launching its fifth album of originals “OXALÁ” and presenting it in various Portuguese and Spanish cities as well as in Belgium, TERRAKOTA takes a break to travel to Africa, South America and Asia to reload their batteries. In March they will be back all over Europe to showcase this album that personifies the band’s new life cycle.

But first, TERRAKOTA will launch the third video of this album, “Social Insecurity”, filmed on the Arrábida and Meco beaches, in and outside the water, by the musician/film director Rafael Espinel.

The 2017 tour will start with cd-presentations in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Paris and Barcelona; getting ready for a summer that promises to be intense and full of re-encounters. Here are the dates we can already announce:

02/03 Pllek, Amsterdam (NL)
03/03 La Batterie, Guyancourt (FR)
04/03 Cultuurcentrum Berchem, Antwerp (BE)
05/04 Apolo, Barcelona (ES)
06/05 Madeira (PT)
02/06 Earth Garden Festival (Malta)
23/06 Clownia Festival, Sant Joan de les Abadesses (ES)
01/07 Terre de Culture, Autun (FR)
27/7 Iboga Summer Festival, Tavernes de la Valldinga (ES)
29/07 Braga (PT)
04/08 Festival Labyrinthe, Rochechouart (FR)
05/08 Chaves (PT)
11-12/08 (BE) TBA


“Social Insecurity” portrays the condition in which the human societies live in the beginning of the 21st century, where we pledge allegiance to a Money God and where the people totally lost their autonomy in favor of financial groups and multinationals. It’s a satire as well as a real portrait of the principals that rule our lives in this “unrestrained neoliberal fascism” where everything is about money. Human rights, aesthetics, ecological consciousness, intelligence and a vision of the future were totally thrown overboard.
The video portrays the coming of “pirates that cleanse the waters” of the Lusitanian beaches. It breathes a “post apocalyptic” feeling in contrast to the marvelous landscape and summer light of the Portuguese coastline.
It was directed by Rafael Espinel, singer of the band La Chiva Gantiva, with photography by Nicolas Moins and figurines by Margarida Gomes and the Terrakota musicians.
The clip will be launched in February 2017.


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