Terrakota’s new videoclip ‘Social Insecurity’ is out!

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The 20th of February 2017, Terrakota launched its new videoclip ‘Social Insecurity’. It’s the third videoclip of the new album ‘Oxalá’, shot at Meco beach and Galápos beach, close to Lisbon in Portugal. Powerful Afrobeat-rock with a constant guitar line and chorus, executed with a 70’s feeling.
The video portrays the coming of “pirates that cleans the waters” of the Lusitanian beaches. It breathes a “post apocalyptic” feeling in contrast to the marvelous landscape and summer light of the Portuguese coastline. It was directed by Rafael Espinel, singer of the band La Chiva Gantiva, with photography by Nicolas Moins and figurines by Margarida Gomes and the Terrakota musicians.
“Social Insecurity” is a reflection of the society in the beginning of the 21st century, where we pledge allegiance to a Money God and where the people totally lost their autonomy in favor of financial groups and multinationals. It’s a satire as well as a real portrait of the principals that rule our lives in this “unrestrained neoliberal fascism” where everything is about money. Human rights, aesthetics, ecological consciousness, intelligence and a vision of the future are thrown overboard.
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The track was composed when the Troika entered Portugal to resolve the so-called political crisis and to apply the inhumane austerity regime. The lyrics are a direct reflex of that situation, denouncing the cheeky way the worldwide monetary shitstem and the multinationals play with crises just to obtain more profit and lead the economy straight to the abyss.
To start the 2017 Oxalá Tour, Terrakota will present its new album in the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Catalunya.
2/3 Pllek, Amsterdam (NL)
3/3 La Batterie, Guyancourt (FR)
4/3 Cultuurcentrum Berchem, Antwerp (BE)
5/4 Sala Apolo, Barcelona (ES)

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