2015- EP “WONTANARA” EP  Available for free download

Wontanara Terrakota 2014

2012- “RE-COOKED SESSIONS” (Optimus Discos)
Available for free download through the link Optimus Discos Re-Cooked Sessions.
Optimus Discos Re-Cooked Sessions

WORLD MASSALA ( 2010, Ojo Music)
Nominee for Songlines Music Awards 2011 – Best Group Category

“The Portuguese band called Terrakota did not rely upon set ingredients to cook up their World Massala album. And not for one moment should you assume that the taste one track leaves in your mouth is going to be the same as the next. Far from coming across as simply a party band jumping haphazardly from one style to another, Terrakota has the chops and the smarts to really know what they’re singing and playing (…) Lead singer Romi can be as sprightly, serious or sensual as the music demands, and the multi-instrumental skills of her mates are crisp and accomplished without ever sounding flashy or indulgent.There’s world music, and then there are true world music bands; count Terrakota as the real deal, and if a set of grooves that are both celebratory and engaging is an appealing prospect, get this disc.”
World Music Central 2010

“When the world music phenomen seamed to have reached the rooftop, this 4th album from the portuguese band Terrakota give us back hope that there is still new and interesting things to listen in this ethnic groove style. Freshness, diversion, excelent music, good taste and a lot of fusion of traditionals musics from many diferent places of the planet caracterize their work. This one is really an essencial World Music album.”
Interfolk Spain (2010)

OBA TRAIN ( 2007, Gumalaka)

“Some have called Terrakota the African version of Mano Negra, thanks to the driving vitality they display on stage. The overall impression, then, is of a group with a thirst to mix in all their musical roots, allied with a profound respect for the co
mplexity of their styles. Led by the effervescent voice of Anauel and the prolific percussions Terrakota blends together, Portugal can have confidence in the ribald talents of these multi-cultivated ambassadors.”
in Mondomix 2007

“Each new release finds the group drawing an everwidening palette of influences and also combining these influences with greater ease and confidence. If the first album sounded like someone spinning a radio dial from station to station, the lates gels together as though it is one radio station: a crazy, culture and genre blending channel called radio Terrakota.”
FRoots (2008)

HUMUS SAPIENS ( 2004, Zona Musica)

“African rhythms executed by a Portuguese band, featuring an excellent music production in their second album: “Humus Sapiens”. The band ventured out through the land of Africa, searching for the deepest roots of the sound they wanted to accomplish. This disc is the realization of that journey. It was recorded in Xippi studios, owned by Youssou N’Dour, in Dakar, Senegal ”
Expresso( 2004)

“There are two features that consistently accompany Terrakota: Music and Africa. And it’s not only part of their musical development as a band. It is something else, something that lives in their souls, even if songwriting was not their reason to be together. It is all part of a process: defragmenting and unifying the world. That is the origin of their interest in humanity and its relationship with space and time.”
Diário de Noticias (2004)


“With a contagious authenticity and an almost ingenous passionate commitment, Terrakota present us with their debut album. A record that really smells like earth: it makes us shake our bodies and awake our imagination. It makes us embark on a journey without destination, and with no return, only a one-way ticket … ”
Diário de Noticias 2002
Terrakota are a product of the contemporary cultural melting pot of Lisbon. They became known for their performances in numerous shows and festivals, where they gathered a cult following. After that, they recorded “Terrakota”, which was, in 2002, one of the best albums in “Portuguese Music” – although this classification may be highly questionable.
Blitz 2002


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