Since their return in 2015, Terrakota has been working on their 6th Album which is now in the final fases of the mixing process and almost ready to see the light!

Nowadays Terrakota is working as a completely independent structure, taking care of all the different lines of work involved in giving life to a musical project with a lot of heart and family spirit. The album was made possible with the contribution of people that loves the band throughout the world in a Crowdfunding process and collaborating with studios, sound technicians and featured artists from the Lisbon musical melting pot at a non-business level.


STAY TUNED! Fresh KotaSounds and Videos to be released very very Soon!

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During the winter, far from publishers and discographic contracts, the band was entirely focused on their sixth album, turning their backs on the general artificialization of Art and walking with the serenity of the Indian.
The search for constant sound crossings within the multi-ethnic melting pot continues! The starting point is, as always, Africa, from where one comes from and where one goes back to,treading the routes of African slaves in reverse and absorbing the fantastic musical diversity that was born there and spread around the world.
More coming from the southern hemisphere of Africa will be heard, more from Brazil, more winds and strings from Sahel, but also much more portuguese expression all interconnected and knitted, ignoring all borders, distances and barriers. The Caribbean, the Middle East and India also continue there, along with the latest legacy of Reggae, Funk, Rock, Blues and related genres in a constant search for generating a musical alchemy of a “modern roots”, a heartfelt and up to date music, fully executed by humans, in opposition to massive looping of digitalsounds.

There will be Afrobeat from the Desert, CocoSoukouss, Rock Steady Sahel, Rumba Indy, Reggae Mandingo, psychedelic Batuque, Resistence Samba and more. Everything cooked with much Afro Rock feeling, a vibrant rhythm section and a constant dialogue between the vocal lines, the guitars, the kora, the sitar, the ballafon, the percussions and all multicultural instruments that consolidate worldrootskota language.
In addition to the permanent inspiration of ancient musical cultures, the current world state will, once again, be the basis for a critical and conscious message, one that the band does not give up on. As the band feels completely offset of the fake social, political and economic barriers of today’s World.

In the meanwhile here are a few videos showing the recording process:



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